the Church Twin Falls

Thank you for applying to serve in youth Ministry at the church twin falls. Everyone involved in youth Ministry at the church needs to have a Ministry Questionnaire on file. We appreciate your understanding of this step, as it is a matter of protection of the youth God has entrusted to our care. The information provided below is confidential and will be reviewed only by those necessary.

General Information
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Date of Birth
Church Fellowship
(Church policy requires a six month minimum.)
Please note the number of years you attended, as well as any areas you served in.
Serving Interests and Availability
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**Note: Youth Leaders must be at least 1 year removed from high school or 19, whichever is older.
Getting to Know You
The following questions are not a test of your Bible knowledge, but we do want to know what you believe regarding some critical, sometimes controversial issues. These particular questions have been chosen based on real issues students within our youth group face. We want to know where you stand based on biblical evidence so that we can counsel students with one accord to the glory of God.
Tell me your biblical understanding of each of the following:
By typing my name below, I affirm that the above information is true and correct. I hereby authorize disclosure of this information to ministry personnel deemed appropriate by the Church Twin Falls for the purpose of approval or placement within Youth Ministry.
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